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FLOWCast UNIT 15: The Pathlines Tab

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FLOWCast releases a group of particles from the fill material / casting interface cells at the start of the filling simulation, and then at regular intervals during the simulation. The frequency of particle groups release is approximately at 10% increments of casting filling.

Each one of the particles released from each fill material / casting interface cell is tracked in time while the filling simulation is executed. You can watch the particles move during a simulation, and also display the particle movement after a simulation is complete.

To display pathlines click on the Pathlines Tab and select the checkbox Display particle tracks group as shown here:


To display a particle group released at another instant simply select the group from the list as shown here:

All particles are tracked in time and their trajectories are available at any time. However, for inspection it may be convenient to use a different number of particles from any particular group. The number of particles whose trajectories are displayed can be selected as shown below. Available choices are Min, Med, Large and Max. The number of particles displayed can also be selected from the Settings Menu.

The color and thickness of the particle trajectories can be selected from the Settings Menu, as shown here:


  • Any particle tracks group (loaded from the Pathlines Tab) can be displayed with any available Time Step (loaded from the Status Tab).
  • Particle tracks are stored on disk, in the same way as Time Steps. Therefore, they are automatically reloaded when a simulated project is reloaded and they are automatically saved when a simulation is saved.
  • If Particle Tracks Group display is selected and you create a Flow Movie, the Pathlines will be created and displayed as a part of the movie.