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FLOWCast UNIT 7: The Graphics Menu

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This menu contains the following six options:

These options will be explained in the rest of this unit.

Drawing window position

This function has two options, On Left and On Right. This specifies which side of the screen the Drawing Window is positioned. The Drawing Window contains the picture of the filling casting during a flow simulation. The following two figures show the Drawing Window on the Left and on the Right:

White(Black) background

This function allows you to toggle the background color of the Drawing Window between black and white. A white background is usually better for screen capture and/or printing. The following two figures show toggled background colors:

Draw reference axis

This option is a toggle, which determines whether or not the reference X, Y, Z axis is displayed in the upper right corner of the Drawing Window. Example views with and without the reference axis are shown here:

Draw scale/palette

This option is a toggle, which determines whether or not the color palette and scale are shown on the right side of the plot or not. By toggling the display off, you can reduce the size of the picture, and AVI movies created from the data. Example screens showing the scale/palette on and off are given here:


Perspective Rendering of the Model View can be toggled on and off. This can sometimes be useful when displaying a complicated model. The default is Perspective Rendering on. The figures below show the same view with Perspective Rendering on and off:

Graphics card

This option lets you to see the current graphics card settings, view other graphics modes available, and modify the graphics card settings. Since Windows lets you modify these settings, it is normally not necessary to use these options directly. If you have difficulties in making animations or in rendering a picture, use these functions to help troubleshoot the problem.