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Finite Solutions Metal Casting Seminars, casting simulations, metal casting, velocity vectorsVelocity vectors show a tendency to dislodge the filter in a direct pour sleeve.

Finite Solutions Metal Casting Seminars

Come and see the world’s most popular casting simulation software in action! This metal casting seminar covers all aspects of system operation. Build/import sample casting models, run simulations and display results. You can even make animated movies from system output! Each attendee receives a complete set of training materials, plus a USB drive containing VERSION 8.9.0 of SOLIDCast, OPTICast and FLOWCast, case studies and more! You will even get a copy of the Effective Casting Simulation Training Videos and the first preview of version 9.0!!

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Seminar Highlights

*Topics subject to change
  • The Simulations Process
  • Model Building & Editing
  • Meshing the Model
  • Running a "Naked" Simulation
  • Using the Riser and Gating Design Wizards
  • Riser Design and Iron Property Calculations for Iron Castings
  • Adding Gates and Risers to the Model
  • Complete Model Simulation Examples
  • Sand and Investment Casting
  • Permanent Mold Simulations
  • Evaluation of Simulation Results
  • And More!

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