SOLIDCast 8.3.0 error: “Could not find file… SimStatus.TMP”

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 “Could not find file… SimStatus.TMP”

A few users have reported errors using the Simulation Results Viewer in SOLIDCast 8.3.0. During the loading of the utility, this message appears. The program closes after the dialog box is closed:



Clicking “Send Error Report” will notify Finite Solutions about the error, and supply us with diagnostic information needed to advise you.


A third-party program has removed the required SimStatus.TMP file from one of your project’s simulations.


The problem has been corrected in version 8.4.0. Instead of crashing, the system will not display the simulation which is missing this file.


The error is caused by the absence of a required file, SimStatus.TMP, in your simulation results. The SimStatus.TMP file is created by SOLIDCast during a simulation run. It is never deleted by any SOLIDCast function. It is used to supply SOLIDCast.EXE and the Simulation Results Viewer with the running status of your simulation. In SOLIDCast.EXE, any simulation’s status can be queried by double-clicking on the simulation item in the project tree view. In the Results Viewer, the file is examined for the “Complete” status, to determine whether or not to display the simulation for results viewing. Only complete simulations may be viewed in the Results Viewer.


If SimStatus.TMP is missing in any simulation in your project, the Simulation Results Viewer in version 8.3.0 will crash with the error above.


If you receive this error while attempting to use the Simulation Results Viewer, then SimStatus.TMP is missing from one of your project’s simulations. You will need to delete the simulation in order to get the Viewer to work. You can determine which simulation is causing the failure by double-clicking on it in the project tree view. If the Simulation Status dialog looks like the image below, then SimStatus.TMP is missing.


Delete the simulation and all other simulations which have this characteristic. Once all simulations with a missing SimStatus.TMP have been deleted, the Results Viewer will load.


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