Finite Solutions Casting Simulation Software

Effective Casting Simulation Seminars — December 2019

Effective Casting Simulation Using SOLIDCast™, OPTICast™, and FLOWCast™ Come and see the world’s most popular casting simulation software in action! The Effective Casting Simulation seminar covers all aspects of system operation. Build/import sample casting models, run simulations and display results. You can even make animated movies from system output! Each attendee receives a complete set


SOLIDCast Casting Simulation Software

SOLIDCast lets you see how castings will solidify before making pattern equipment, dies and costly mistakes. Pour test castings on the computer, not on the foundry floor! No other casting modeling program offers power, ease of use and accuracy like SOLIDCast!


FLOWCast, a full-featured CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation of flow, is based on solution of the Navier-Stokes equations for fluid flow. With FLOWCast, users can view progressive temperature, fluid velocity and fluid pressure during the fill, from any angle of view.


Finite Solutions software - OPTICast - Gating Design - Aluminum. OPTICast - Original gating design with Riser and Pad selected - Aluminum reverse tilt-pour. Optimize metal casting solidification modeling - OPTICast

OPTICast builds on the user’s initial design, then modifies it and runs simulations to achieve an optimum result. An easy-to-use design tool, OPTICast maximizes yield and quality, while freeing design engineers from the repetitive task of trial-and-error design.

Accurate Design

The ONLY system that includes both Gating and Riser Design Wizards, so that simulation actually helps users design an effective rigging system, not just test one.

Casting Made Easy

SOLIDCast has many features to make simulating in any gravity-fed process a snap. Our software fine tunes simulations for sand casting, permanent mold, and investment casting.

Precise Simulations

SOLIDCast is the ONLY system that simultaneously calculates both thermal and volumetric changes during solidification, producing the most accurate shrinkage analysis available. Run full simulations in minutes, on readily-available standard PCs.