Changes and Updates In Versions 8.2.5 and 8.3.0

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SOLIDCast™ Version Update Documentation

Changes and Updates Through Version 8.3.0

November 18, 2014

Project Results Viewer – A new 64 bit program that provides stunning new graphics capability for display of simulation results! All previous plotting methods have been enhanced, and the ‘memory leak’ error in previous versions of the iso-surface plot has been eliminated. The SOLIDCast Workbook has been updated to not only describe the new features, but also show how earlier plotting methods ‘translate’ to the new methodology.

Scale STL File Utility – This utility allows you to scale an existing STL file in the X, Y and Z directions. This can be very useful for part families, or when an STL file has be created in non-standard units, such as cm, rather than mm.

STL of Tapered Gate Utility – This utility is especially useful for investment casters. It creates an STL file of a gate that tapers out from the casting to the tree. The STL can then be added into an existing model. The tapered gate promotes directional solidification from the casting, through the gate and into the tree.

SOLIDCast™ Version Update Documentation

Changes and Updates Through Version 8.2.5

April 1, 2013

OPTICast Performance and Licensing Improvements – Contains code updates to OPTICast, improving performance and removing a requirement to update the OPTIMODULE1.EXE file each new calendar year. However, as with previous versions, OPTICast remains functional only when the English language is selected.

French Language Improvements – Significant improvements to French localization translations have been made.

Materials List Improvements – Corrected bugs related to the use of SOLIDCast material lists when non-English languages were selected.

Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

Changes from earlier versions are found in the 8.2.0 VersionInfo Post