What is SOLIDCast? 

Iron casting, steel, aluminum, and more – SOLIDCast

SOLIDCast’s user friendly software simulates multiple casting types with rich features, accounting for variables in sand, investment, and permanent mold castings. Design gates, risers and test them out before making your first casting. Solidification modeling helps to shorten lead times, produce higher quality and improve yield. All of this means lower costs, higher profits and improved marketability for our clients’ foundries.

Casting pour types

SOLIDCast can be used to simulate castings poured in gray iron, ductile iron, steel, aluminum, copper-base, magnesium, nickel-based and almost any other alloy. A database of several hundred alloys, with their properties, is included.

SOLIDCast simulates a variety of processes

With SOLIDCast you can simulate processes such as green sand, chemically-bonded sand, investment and permanent mold. You can use sleeves (insulating or exothermic), chills, hot topping, cooling channels, heating elements and just about anything else that is used in the metal casting process.

Create new castings in minutes

SOLIDCast now contains the new Riser Design Wizard and Gating Design Wizard. These tools allow you rig new castings in just a few minutes from a 3D CAD model, using actual process data, not guesses based on simple geometry. Since casting alloy, mold material and actual process conditions are taken into account, there is no more accurate way to calculate gating and riser designs for castings.
With SOLIDCast you can import 3D models from CAD, or build your own models without CAD.